Real Estate Law

“Handling Real Estate Transactions can be stressful. Our commitment to your matter will put your mind at ease.”

Our real estate practice offers closing services for purchase, sale, and mortgage transactions. We deal with various property types, such as urban and cottage properties, freehold, condominium, parcels on tied lands, and vacant land. Whether you are conveying a residential or commercial property, our team of professionals are here to assist you from start to finish. We pride ourselves on providing detailed information to our clients on their property transaction, and for working expediently to meeting closing deadlines. We make it our goal to ensure you have a smooth closing experience while providing high-quality legal services.

Further, our experience in litigation and dispute resolution gives us a competitive edge to deal with litigious issues that arise during your closing all in house, without referring you to outside counsel in most cases.

Residential Real Estate

Whether you are selling, purchasing or refinancing your home, handling these transactions can be stressful. Our real estate expertise will guide you from the beginning to the end and offer you a smooth transaction.

Transactions that involve properties such as cottages, condominiums and vacant lands each require a unique and complex due diligence process that we simplify for our clients and guide them through any issue that may arise.

Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing, selling or leasing a commercial property differs from a residential transaction. You must factor in the Zoning Bylaws, environmental concerns and thorough title and off-title searches. Our lawyers pay special attention to these details and provide you with peace of mind for such a substantial purchase. Our lawyers will also ensure that you are receiving the most favourable terms as possible by drafting, reviewing and negotiating offers, where applicable, on your behalf.

If your commercial transaction involves the acquisition or sale of business assets, then our lawyers are trained to complete the business transfer as well.

Real Estate Transaction Simplified in a Few Steps

1. Retaining us

At Zomorodi Law PC we take pride in our transparency and dedication. We offer initial consultation to fully explain to you how we handle your closing and what steps are taken to ensure that you are well acquainted with the process in advance.

2. Title Search

During a purchase transaction we want to be certain the property at hand is clear of any issues or potential problems. By conducting a title search we will become aware of any issues that needs to be handled prior to closing so our clients do not run into any problems in the future.

3. Signing the closing Documents

After we have taken care of the necessary searches and due diligence, we will schedule a meeting with you either virtually or in person to review all the finals details. All signings are done electronically and can be done remotely.

4. Closing Date

The Final Step! We process all the paperwork by communicating with the other side and finalize the last details. Our clients become property owners and we provide them with a thorough client report that will include all the details and documents related to their transaction.

5. Estate Planning

Once your transaction is complete and you have successfully acquired your new asset, we are here to assist you in the preparation of your Last Will and Testament.

Our Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers will provide you with consultation regarding your estate planning needs.

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